Pilotage Services Throughout Hawaii

Hawaii Pilots Association (HPA) provides safe, reliable and efficient pilotage services for all commercial ports throughout the Hawaiian Islands including Hilo and Kawaihae harbors, island of Hawaii; Kahului harbor, island of Maui; Honolulu, Kalaeloa (Barbers Pt. Deep Draft harbor) harbors, Honolulu Anchorage area, island of Oahu; and Nawiliwili and Port Allen, island of Kauai.

HPA has provided pilotage services at Johnston Atoll and will consider requests by ship operators for pilotage service at other Pacific Ocean ports that do not have regular pilotage services.

Pilotage service for Pearl Harbor is provided by U.S. Navy federally licensed pilots. Pilotage service at the Tesoro and Chevron Barbers Point off-shore moorings is provided by mooring masters employed by those companies.

Notices and Updates

Maximum draft limits for Hawaii’s deep draft harbors are determined by the Hawaii Department of Transportation – Harbors Division, and are listed for each individual berth at: https://hawaii.portcall.com

Note that one must be logged into the PortCall web site in order to view the maximum draft limits.